Sales Leadership

We believe strongly in the benefits of building a total agency sales culture where everyone supports the sales process. Critical to this construction process is identifying and assembling a team of drivers, executors and supporters of cultural change. With the right team in place, we’ll consult with you to build the frame work for the sales culture that mirrors your leadership style, and develop a step by step approach to create the sales culture you want to achieve. Our plans include concrete actions, assignment of responsibilities, timetables and periodic reviews to monitor progress, and create accountability. Change is inevitable, so we participate in the review process, to ensure the plan adjusts to reflect change within your agency.

Producer Hiring and Compensation

We don’t just train and coach your existing producers, we help you find, evaluate and interview exceptional new talent. Once the hiring decision is made, we help you mirror compensation packages used by the most successful agencies in the industry that motivate producers to validate and to create significant ROI quickly. We can help you avoid the money pit associated with hiring the wrong producers.

Validation and Schedules

From a producers first day on the job, through validation and beyond, our best practices validation and activity schedules keep producers and sales managers on the same page, and path to success. Progressive goal setting, benchmarking and progress assessments bring producers along at a brisk pace down the road we want them to go, and create frequent opportunities for course correction to keep them on that path.

Motivation and Compensation

What motivates one person will have little impact upon another. Factors include compensation, recognition, competition, security, advancement and personal satisfaction. From a coaching and mentoring perspective, it is critical to understand what drives, reinforces and motivates your production and support staff. Assessments provide the insight, plans and instructions to build a culture that turns individuals into a team. The key is to provide the proper mix of different incentives that get everyone pulling together is the same direction towards a shared goal. Our experience with high performance agencies gives us an intimate knowledge of cultures that work.

Producer Business Plans

Goals in the absence of sound business plans are just hopes and dreams. Each year we meet with your producers and sales managers to develop comprehensive business plans that detail the activities required to achieve and exceed goals for new business production, retention, book growth, hit ratios and average revenue per relationship. Agency principals can budget effectively knowing in advance what these numbers will be, and what they can count on from their producers.

Pipelines and Accountability

The death of a salesman? Insufficient pipelines and no accountability. Our 4P process trains and coaches producers how to leverage relationships to generate a Perpetual Pipeline of Perfect Prospects. Once in the pipe, we combine sales meetings, your agency management system and one on one producer coaching sessions to establish accountability, and track the progress of each prospect from first contact to close.

Mentorship and Coaching

The quickest and most effective way to shorten a producers learning curve, and accelerate their success is through coaching and mentoring. Our leadership platform assesses your agency talent and pairs mentors with producers to shore up weaknesses and create well balanced professionals. Our professionals coach you throughout the process and help you measure your results through frequent talent gain assessments.