What we offer

Our robust agency services platform provides professional guidance in almost every area critical to the success of your agency.

Consulting Services

At iQ Consulting, we lead with our leaders. Our founder delivers all of our agency consulting services. His relationships working with the top agencies and brokers in North America uniquely qualifies him to consult on best practices and growth acceleration.

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Producer School

The key to profitability and the future rests in the hands of your producers. Without new blood and perpetuation, the future of your agency is uncertain. If you have recent new hires, producers not yet validated, or Veterans not meeting expectations previously met.

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Sales Leadership

We believe strongly in the benefits of building a total agency sales culture where everyone supports the sales process. Critical to this construction process is identifying and assembling a team of drivers, executors and supporters of cultural change.

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Producer Development

Our producers consistently out perform the competition to win and retain more business. Our producer development program helps producers reach their full sales potential.

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In-Field Coaching

Nothing cements learning and reinforces behavior like success, and we define success as winning new business. We shorten learning curves by creating immediate success.

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Client Resources

Need a guide for business planning? How about a producer development schedule? What about compensation and validation plans or Niche Program development guides?

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