In-Field Coaching

Nothing cements learning and reinforces behavior like success, and we define success as winning new business. We shorten learning curves by creating immediate success. We field coach to ensure the effective transfer of skills learned in the classroom to the dynamic environment of the insurance sales process. Field coaching maximizes learning retention, and helps producers plan, prospect and win where it counts, in the sales arena.

Coaching vs. Training

  • Coaching is the difference between training and learning. Producers need real time coaching and immediate feedback to correct missteps, provide guidance and reinforce success. Try and teach someone to swing a bat without letting them grip it and rip it. It’s impossible. Real learning happens in real time and real situations.
  • IQ Consulting is the industry leader when it comes to in field coaching. In fact, we know of no other insurance consulting practice that provides infield coaching. Why? For a detailed explanation, read a recent article written by the founder for the insurance journal titled “Why traditional sales training doesn’t work” Link.
  • What do we coach your producers on? It depends. The broad answer is we are capable of coaching producers can on almost every skill required for success. But, Producers are individuals, with unique personal qualities and resume’s. We always begin with a personal assessments, interviews and infield observation before we develop a personal growth plans. The accurate answer is we coach them specifically on what they need to succeed.
  • Credibility and coaching expertise is critical when working with producers. Personal success as producers, and 15 years of infield coaching experience gives us a street level perspective that is invaluable. We know what we are doing, and it shows. A fact that won’t go unnoticed by your producers.
  • A big part of coaching is providing resources that producers can access on their own, 24/7. iQ Consulting’s online producer resource library contains cutting edge video, audio and paper training reinforcement tools to fill that need effectively. For more information on in-field coaching, Contact us.

Our coaching menu of services for producers includes, but is not limited to:

  • Time Management & organization
  • Intelligent questions
  • Prospecting & Marketing
  • Information gathering
  • Competitive analysis
  • Submissions
  • Pre call strategy Differentiation
  • Proposals development
  • Value propositions
  • Presentations
  • Appointment flow
  • Sales process
  • Objection Handling
  • Qualifying
  • Negotiation
  • Retention Strategies